Sunday, April 6, 2008

The cruelest month...maybe.

April 6th, and the garden is still a chilly and slightly desolate place. Lots of dead brush, leaves, and other detritus from last year. Scattered logs from the big tree that was removed recently, a layering of shavings and sawdust, and not much green anywhere. But there are signs of hope--crocuses and scilla here and there, bright red buds of peonies starting next to last year's dead wood, and the crumpled red and chartreuse knobs of perennial rhubarb plants unfolding. Even in one corner garden a cluster of sprouting, dark red leaves (radicchio? red lettuce?) that look like roses.

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Amanda said...

the radicchio or red lettuce is so, so beautiful, and it looks all the more delicious against that surprising, bleak backdrop. Not being a gardener myself, I can only think about clipping those little heads and eating them right there...Maybeou should try radicchio--I think it's one of those things that might be worth growing yourself. Love the blog, will check back.